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Stuck in orbit around an interstellar vivarium.
Taking pictures in my head to hide away.
I keep pinging home, but its just static on the airwaves.
So i'm alone, alone,
And unable to break
I am a satellite, spinning through your stratosphere.
I am an aging hulk of space junk in your view.
Tired of circling and smiling in your direction,
I'd like to turn around and photograph-
Anything but you.
I know, you know, I know you know I'm out here.
I know, you know, I know you know I'm reaching out.
I know, you know, you're ignoring my transmissions.
I know,I know,
You've got better things to think about.
:iconbad-luck-wolf:Bad-Luck-Wolf 0 0
My Altar by Bad-Luck-Wolf My Altar :iconbad-luck-wolf:Bad-Luck-Wolf 4 2
My world is breaking apart so slowly
It's like watching dust in a shaft of sunlight.
I look to you and see you,
Unsteady as you are sometimes.
You are no God.
But somehow, just seeing you,
I can kind of see the way things are supposed to fit.
Your love for me, your belief in me
Makes me think that maybe
My world isn't breaking.
For the smallest moment
It can be turning into something new.
:iconbad-luck-wolf:Bad-Luck-Wolf 0 1
For My Father
Realizing The Pain That I Refuse To Feel,
I Refrain From Speaking Out To Keep It From Being Real.
Don't Want To Be Numb, I Just Want To Believe,
There Has To Be Reasons For The Things I Can't Conceive.
This Path That I walk Keeps Pulling Me Down,
Breathing Through My Tears Until I Think I Might Drown.
Not Giving Up Until I Learn To Breath Water.
One Day, I Swear, You'll Be Proud That I'm Your Daughter!
:iconbad-luck-wolf:Bad-Luck-Wolf 1 0
A Desperate Plea
Satisfy My Idle Hands, Oh Immutable God.
Cease My Impertinence, My Petulance, My Pride.
I Cannot Navigate This Tenebrous Course.
I Have No Lantern, Or Else I Have Gone Blind.
:iconbad-luck-wolf:Bad-Luck-Wolf 0 0
A Couplet
You make me think and feel things I never would have known.
Sometimes I cry, but mostly now I never feel alone.
:iconbad-luck-wolf:Bad-Luck-Wolf 0 0
Spare Yourself The Agony
Sometimes to win, you beg to be the loser.
To touch the sky, you have to clip your wings.
To be free, you learn to lock the cage inside you.
To know peace, you break the bird before it sings.
:iconbad-luck-wolf:Bad-Luck-Wolf 0 2
Teach Me
Teach me how to live, Father, Teach me how to see!
How can I be your servant When all I serve is me?
Teach me how to serve, God, Teach me how to love!
I Know that I am lacking, and I know that You're enough.
I need strong hands to bear me up- this weight of flesh,This weight of sin.
Lead me to the river, Lord- Take my hand and pull me in!
:iconbad-luck-wolf:Bad-Luck-Wolf 0 0
In Memoriam
Death Shall Take Us One By One
As Day By Day He Counts The Tithe
Weighed And Measured Are We All
Made Even At The End Of Life
Call The Margins Ring The Bell
Each Soul Owes Thirty Silver
Two Coins For The Ferry Man
You Pay To Cross The River
:iconbad-luck-wolf:Bad-Luck-Wolf 0 0
Can't cope
Not Human,
So Far Down You've Never Seen.
Stop Cussing,
You're Bluffing,
Why Ya Gotta Be So Mean?
Left, Right, Hook, Center,
Blow After Blow.
They Say Words Will Never Hurt,
But That's A Lie,
Just So You Know.
Keep Pushing,
Keep Screaming,
You're bruising My Aura.
You Want Reasons Why I'm Down Below,
Take A Look At This Plethora.
Magical Menagerie Of Misery On Tour,
It's A Mystery I'm Moving,
Still You Expect Me To Give You More.
Some Days, I swear, I Can't Begin To Raise My Head.
Funny How You Say "Stand Tall" When I Feel I Could Be Dead.
Years Of Practice Tuning Out And Now I'm Numb To Your Demands.
Ask Me To Communicate,
How Do You Sign With Broken Hands?
Cant Get Out A Signal Cause You Tore My Tower Down.
Turn My Eyes To Heaven, But I Know I Won't Wear A Crown.
:iconbad-luck-wolf:Bad-Luck-Wolf 0 0
For Matthew Mundell
Years and years ago
So long ago
That all is coated with dust
We were friends.
The best of friends.
Until we tried being lovers.
And then
How predictably we fell
And scattered like two autumn leaves
In a bitter wind.
I never hated you, not even when I confessed my love
The third time
And you walked away,
Only commenting on how
It hurt
Too much to continue.
It has been long since we stood at our impasse,
Me with my foolish, childish love
And you with your obvious pain
I knew then that you wanted no more
Of my society.
But even so,
When we met on the streets
I was civil
And cordial
And asked after your health
And that of your family
Every chance I got.
For years I did this,
Moving past the pain of our
Failed love
And choosing to cherish instead the memory
Of your friendship.
Though it was a rare occasion that we should meet
I would greet you with a smile
And now that I have not seen you
For another several years
I hold you wi
:iconbad-luck-wolf:Bad-Luck-Wolf 0 0
The Dying House
You come when your children are grown and your husband is gone, when the wrinkles have taken your youth. You come when your life is slowly closing the door, the curtain is dropping, and there won't be a reprise. You come when you feel that peace in your bones; you don't have time to waste on regret. You come when your name fades into the earth and you come when you're hands are spidery thin.
The old white house set back from the road, a shed behind and a barn out yonder. Out front there's a bell that you toll when you enter, an old iron bell that you toll when you've died. It's one at a time in this old wooden house, but you don't have to wait and there's never a line.
There are chickens to tend to and horses to feed, a cow lowing out in the pasture. The barn smells of earth, of dust and of hay, of the rats that live in the rafters. An old brindled dog with blue-white eyes follows closely at your heels. He barks at the wind, and he sleeps by your side, a companion to share your days an
:iconbad-luck-wolf:Bad-Luck-Wolf 1 2
There goes that boy, he walks all alone.
The kids in his school say he's weird.
What has he said, what has he ever done
To be labeled by a hateful word?
He has to wear glasses, and sometimes he smells,
He never has money for food.
He's always late, never seems to hear the bells,
And the teacher says he's no good.
Why do we stand and walk idly by
When the bullies knock a book from his hands?
He takes their jeers and hits every day,
But he never replies, and he never bends.
God, you have loved him, and he might be strange,
But as your child I am called to reach out.
I see him suffer, and I feel his pain.
Help me to hold him so he wont give out.
Do you know that girl, always sitting alone?
Her hair is dyed black, and she cries.
Her eyeliner runs, and she wipes it away,
But you can still see the smudges and lines.
Her clothes are dark, she never seems to smile,
All the blonde girls laugh and flounce by.
She opens her mouth and a tirade streams forth,
All bitterness and hate, she cant see t
:iconbad-luck-wolf:Bad-Luck-Wolf 0 0


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